Ananda Nanjundaswamy

Reviewing the Efforts to Develop Commercially Viable Biological Pathways to Cellulosic Ethanol Production
June 6 3:30PM

Featuring presenters from industry heavyweights, this panel will explore in depth the state of the research and development of biological processes and products aimed at unlocking the fuel potential of crop residues rich in cellulose and hemicellulose. Attendees will be brought up to speed on the latest research and learn which strategies and partnerships are being pursued to bring products to the marketplace that will enable producers to deliver commercial volumes of cellulosic ethanol to a waiting fuel market.

  • Moderator: Ananda Nanjundaswamy, Postdoctoral Research Specialist, Bioprocessing/Biofuel Research Lab, Auburn University
  • Colin Mitchinson, Director, Biomass Applications, GENENCOR, a Danisco division

    Commercialization of the Cellulosic Biofuels Industry: Advances in Biomass Enzyme Technology
  • Tom Griffin, Chief Technology Officer, EdeniQ Inc.

    Integrated Pretreatment and Hydrolysis for Cellulosic Biofuels: Ethanol and Sugars Platforms
  • Geoffrey Bell, Chief Executive Officer, Microbiogen Pty Ltd

    Second Generation Ethanol at a Viable MESP and Favorable Capex
  • Jason Blake, Global Director, Biomass Business Development, Novozymes

    Advancements in Cellulosic Ethanol Technology that are Driving the Industry Toward Commercialization